CG250 Self-Calibrating-Auto Sampling 8 Ion real time fertilizer Analyzer

CG250 Self-Calibrating-Auto Sampling 8 Ion real time fertilizer Analyzer

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Measure your Drip-Drain in real time, on-site and as often as you like. Log on from your office and see the data of your tanks. Have the assurance that you have the right mix going to your plants for 8 key ions. 

  • The Hydroponic solution analyser is a nutrient/ ion analyser capable of measuring 8 ions in real time. It is a stand alone device, once installed will take a sample at a preset time and measure the ionic content of the following ions; Ca2+, Cl-, K+, Na+, NH4+, NO3-, Mg2+ and P[HPO42-]

  • The unit is installed in a greenhouse for example or near a tank to be sampled, the sample tube is immersed in the tank. The calibration tanks Low and High are connected to their relevant input tubes. The user then connects the unit to their internet service by wifi or LAN.

  • The schedule of sampling can be entered by using the companion app on the iOS or Google Play Store 

  • The software has a built in API, HTML CURL commands to access any data/information.
  • The data can be viewed and the schedule altered remotely or from your desk by logging into the device.
  • It can also be used as a bench top device, place the sample tube into your collection vessel and press manual sample for the device to measure what is in the collection vessel. Repeat for further samples. 
  • The price includes the analyser unit containing 8 ion selective electrodes and 1 reference electrode. Tubing and 5 litres each of low and high calibration standards.  
  • The current calibration standards set the following ranges, the data can extrapolate upwards and downwards from these numbers within reason:
  • Other calibration solutions available on request
  Cal low Cal high
Ca 15 150
K 21 210
Mg 4 40
NH4 2 20
NO3 81 819
HPO4 15 150
Cl 15 150
Na 10 100