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Bluetooth probe user guide:
1. PRECAUTIONS: The probe is not waterproof. Do not submerge the button/usb end in
liquid, only the sensor tips. Do NOT touch the tip of the sensors.
3. Charge the probe for a few hours/overnight with the USB cable (there is no charge indicator LED). It is a slow trickle charge for safety.
4. If the probe has been stored or unused condition for 20 minutes at least until the mV data
on the settings tab is stable
5. Turn on the probe by pressing the button for 2-3 seconds: The led will blink red [Connection to Bluetooth is via the APP, not the phones Bluetooth]
6. Go to the settings tab. Connect or reconnect the probe to your device: The LED will become green/yellow 
7. Select your solution set written on the back of the large bottles NB! or the calibration will not be correct!
8. Select your probe type depending on what you ordered eg M67 or NPK2 etc. (see appendix 1)
9. Go to the calibrate tab
10. If it’s your first use or after sometime you will not be able to calibrate until you press
11. For conditioning, calibrating; follow the on screen guide (conditioning re-hydrates the
sensors) A probe is conditioned when the mV data on the settings tab is relatively stable to the whole integer.
12. To measure a sample, go to the Test tab
13. The probe will auto power down after 5 mins if the app is closed on your
phone/ipod/device or the dis/connect swirl is pressed
14. To manually turn off the probe, hold the button for >5 seconds until no light flashes
15. To put the probe away, swirl in DI water, shake off excess water, place the cap back on
and store in the protective case.
16. Any questions at all, if you are unsure about anything, pop an IM to cleangrow by
skype (look up cleangrow) or google hangouts or email.
17. Failure to follow these steps or measure anything but an aqeous sample or outside of
reasonable temperatures and pH will invalidate warranty and returns process
18. On first use after purchase, test it works by measuring solution 2, the expected
results are on the bottle. If we don’t hear from you we will assume it is working on
arrival, we test all kits prior to shipping on an individual basis.
Downloading the app:
look on google play or the appstore for cleangrow (v2)

Note: When moving from one solution to the next, dry the outer body of the probe to avoid
carry-over of drops diluting the next solution.
Be gentle with it!


How do they Work?

The sensor tips are completely solid state, with a sensing PVC membrane layered over a carbon nanotube transducing layer. They function in a nernstian fashion exactly the same as traditional liquid filled ISEs.

Our combination electrodes come with the CleanGrow sensor and are combined with a Ag/AgCl leakless miniature reference electrode attached to a BNC cable.