About us

Aptisens/CleanGrow was founded in 2009 to make the measurement of ion concentration in liquids (and soil) easier. With that goal in mind we went about finding, developing and now commercialising sensors that will allow us to completely change how ions are measured and in what situations sensors can be used. The fundamental technology innovation is our use of carbon nanotubes as the transducing layer in the sensor. We continuously strive for improvement through research and development as well as collaborating with top researches in Switzerland and Cambridge, UK to make the best sensors possible.

One of the most interesting aspects of the technology is the new areas of testing and measurement that our sensors and meters have opened up. We are very excited by our early users leveraging the capabilities of our sensors to open new fields of measurement and control.

How do they Work?

The sensor tips are completely solid state, with a sensing PVC membrane layered over a carbon nanotube transducing layer. They function in a nernstian fashion exactly the same as traditional liquid filled ISEs.

Our combination electrodes come with the CleanGrow sensor and are combined with a Ag/AgCl leakless miniature reference electrode attached to a BNC cable.