Pre-made-Ionophore cocktails

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Purchase pre-made ionophore cocktails to make your own ISE membrane, save time and effort by using pre-made and pre-tested cocktails.

  • Up to 8 cocktails available, others on request.
  • Made up in 100mg lots (in THF made up to 1ml) 
  • All cocktails are PVC based
  • Ready to cast straight away

Custom or Bulk ISE, ISFET or other cocktails can be made to order

Further information on Phosphate:

The world's first Phosphate ionophore. Detects P (HPO42-) LOD tested at 1-1500 ppm. Sub ppm possible down to 1 x 10-7M at pH 7.4

Available as 100mg cocktail (delivered as 1ml in THF ready to use)

Email for more details roy@aptisens.com