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NIDO PRO Complete Hydroponic testing and control system

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We are proud to announce a new product! Innovative complete hydroponic system control system from Nido Italy. A Multi award winning game changing device

Nido is the first intelligent and connected device for the management and monitoring of off-ground systems.
Installable in a few minutes, it can automate your greenhouse in just a few simple steps via smartphone/tablet control.

All values in a single platform.
Data monitoring, value management and device control via smartphones will allow you to create an ideal environment for the growth of healthy and extremely productive plants.


  • 2 Wall pass connections + connections for connection pipes + water inlet filter
  • Plug-in valves for NIDO
  • 4 hose clamps
  • 2 meters of connection pipe
  • 1 Milwaukee PH probe
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  • EC probe + TEMP NIDO
  • 2.5 meter cable + professional temperature/humidity probe
  • Optical water level probe
  • 1 NIDO Access Point to attach to Ethernet cable or modem / switch
  • 1 Network connection cable
  • 1 NIDO Access Point power supply

  • 1 Smart Plug for device control (light or extractor or irrigation)
  • 1 Probe cleaning brush
  • 4 NIDO clamps for binding tubes and connections
  • 1 tip D.30 to make the water pass-through hole
  • 1 tip D.11 to make the water level sensor hole