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NIDO PRO V2 Complete Hydroponic testing and control system *NEW*

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NIDO ONE V2 is the ultimate solution for advanced cultivation automation. With its ability to manage fertigation, climate and devices in your greenhouse, it enables you to optimize your cultivation in a simple and precise way. Installable in a few minutes, NIDO ONE V2 transforms any existing cultivation into a cutting-edge automated system, meeting the standards of agriculture 4.0

Fertilizer management.

NIDO ONE V2 provides flexibility in nutrient management for the crop, with the capacity to use up to 4 different slots for fertilizers* and pH adjusters**. The configuration can be tailored to the needs of the crop.
A+B+C pH-
A+B+C pH+
A+B pH+ pH-

*Compatible with all types of mineral liquid fertilizers.
**Use only phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and potassium hydroxide (KOH).

Climate control.

Measure and control the crucial climatic parameters for your crop with the temperature, humidity and VPD sensor included in the kit. Furthermore, you can automate the management of the greenhouse devices (humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, extractor) by adding NIDO plugs to your system, for a precise and simple management of your crop.

Small crops.

Suitable for crops requiring up to 200 liters of water, with 0.5-liter bottles attached for a clean and compact solution.

Large crops.

Ideal for crops requiring from 200 liters to 10,000 liters of water, with an optional NIDO Connection Kit for direct connection to large canisters of fertilizer and pH balancer.



  • What’s inside.

    01.  NIDO ONE V2
    02. Cartridges
    03. Entrance bulkhead
    04. Outlet bulkhead
    05. Water pipe
    06. Tip diameter 11 mm
    07. Tip diameter 30 mm

    08. Valve
    09. Hose clip
    10.  NIDO plug
    11.   NIDO ONE V2 power supply
    12.  Level sensor
    13.  Probe cable
    14.  Access points

    15. Access point connection cable
    16. Access point power supply
    17. pH sensor
    18. EC sensor
    19. Toothbrush
    20.Buffer pH 7.00
    21. Buffer pH 4.01


    • 1 Smart Plug included
    • Product warranty 2 years