Coming soon!

We are about to launch our new product that you've all been waiting for! 

The auto-calibrating, auto-sampling multi ion analyzer!

It can measure 8 ions (Calcium, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium, Ammonium, Nitrate, Magnesium and Phosphate, plus EC and pH.

Simply install the unit, add the sample tube to your Drip tank and/or Drain tank set the sampling frequency e.g every hour or twice a day etc. The unit will calibrate itself take a reading and store the data. You can then see the data anywhere on your phone or sitting in your office on your PC where it can be downloaded analyzed and shared on a spreadsheet. 

We will be launching it shortly so please keep in touch, email for expressions of interest or for further information

This product was developed in collaboration with ESA, via an EU H2020 project, see for more information


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  • Roy O'Mahony on

    Hi Greg,

    We are taking orders now for a roll out in November and December if you are interested email us on or skype:cleangrow

  • Gary Maurer on

    Very excited about this rollout. How soon is “soon”?

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