Single Ion Selective Electrode kit

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Our unique combination ion selective sensors are made using the latest carbon nanotube solid state technology. This means the sensors are easy to use, to store and are the best option for day to day ion measurement.
We are the only manufacturer and seller of a phosphate ISE in the world! 
The kit includes an ion meter, a combi probe and a set of calibration solutions (2 point 2 x 100ml), it has 3 calibration options, all 2 point calibrations: 2-20ppm, 20-200ppm, 100-1000ppm. 
For the single meter and single probe kit ( you can choose ONE out of 8 types of sensor to have per kit) or you can buy one meter and 8 probes (see other listings)
It is simple, it has no software, the data can be stored on the meter and recalled to view on the meter. 
All sensors are "combi" type with BNC connectors, this means it includes a leakless ag/agcl reference electrode. Both the reference and sensor tip can be removed and replaced without replacing the probe body and cable.
If you are unsure whether your intended application is suitable for an ISE please ask skype:cleangrow