Biota Organic Fertiliser

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Organic All Purpose Plant Fertiliser Plant Food Vegetable Fertiliser Feed. 

For many millennia plants have grown simply by using the waste of other plants. Only recently have we started using minerals and chemical fertilisers to increase this growth on our farmlands. The downside of these fertilisers is that they pollute and don’t support a healthy soil.

We offer 100%organic fertilisers from plant waste! Suitable, circular and all natural with at least the same results as chemical fertilisers.

Highly precise and no batch to batch variation. The plant waste used in the process has not been in contact with animals in any way or any chemicals or synthetic fertiliser

There are 3 variants to choose from and an extra Calcium Supplement for areas with low Calcium in the ground or tap water

Green plants with a NPK of 6:1.65:3 higher Nitrogen content for green plants

Vegetable garden with a NPK of 5.2:2:5.2 with a balance N and K ratio

Flowering plants with a NPK ratio of 3:2.5:6 with a higher K content for enhanced flowering

All contain trace elements and magnesium for a complete plant food formulation.

Designed and produced in the Netherlands, it is precise, clean and produced by experts

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